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Actionbets ag

actionbets ag

Wild fortune casino no deposit bonus can myjackpot com that different actonbets of limits might be associated with actionbets ag effects on gambling behavior. Actiionbets Background In an attempt to reduce harm related to gambling problems, an Internet sports betting service provider, bwin Interactive Entertainment, AG bwinimposes limits on the amount of money that users can deposit into their online gambling accounts. For details, consult guidance on providing text alternatives for images. actionbets ag


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Actionbets ag -

In some cases, these operate as full white labels, meaning completely turnkey where the marketer markets, and the PPH does all else. It was immediately clear that Sports Betting Online had a unique set up. Other perhead.

com powered sportsbooks such as beteagle. ag, yopig. ag, wagerhall. ag and actionbets. To get an account with these sites you needed an agent.

Most often agents are located in the United States and can be found various places such as sports bars, cigar shops and the like.

Bets are settled in cash, and the website and phone shop located abroad are used for easier processing.

At Sportsbettingonline. Our research did however show they were sharing the same IP address as other perhead. com powered websites. Back in May the first cause for concern was the fact their website was hosted in Florida, USA, where sports betting is illegal.

This however appeared to just be where the service provider perhead. com had their server. When checking their about us page we spotted they listed their location as San Jose, Costa Rica.

The analyses of gambling behavior before and after exceeding deposit limits necessarily are identical to the overall results. The company-imposed or self-imposed deposit limits affected only a minority of bwin Internet sports bettors.

Very few people, only 0. Furthermore, the vast majority of the sample i. This means that bwin could reduce the deposit limits substantially e. One reason for the finding that the deposit limits were hardly exceeded might be that the sports bettors are highly responsible gamblers who bet for fun and spend relatively low amounts on betting.

Another reason might be that users are well aware of bwin's deposit limits policies and purposely avoid violating them. The deposit limits are presented as part of the general terms and conditions that every user needs to accept when opening an account with bwin.

Our findings seem to indicate that knowing about the deposit limits prevented some bettors from exceeding the deposit limits and subsequently from losing money. If this is correct, then the mere provision of deposit limits can serve as a harm reduction device. We examined whether the deposit limits seemed to safeguard the gambling behavior of the minority that exceeded the deposit limits.

People who exceed deposit limits constitute a group of bettors who are willing to place larger bets than people who do not exceed deposit limits; yet, they appear to do this in a manner that keeps their percentage of losses lower than others in the sample.

Although the percentage of losses might be more favorable among people who exceed limits, compared to people who do not exceed limits, their net loss still is significantly higher. Because these bettors place very large bets they are at high risk for losing very large amounts of money.

We identified exceeding limits as a strong predictor for being in the MIB subgroups. People who exceed limits are about 6 to 14 times more likely to belong to the various MIB groups. Consistent with this notion, we found that among people who exceed limits, people who belong to MIB groups show more intensive gambling behavior than people who do not belong to MIB groups.

That is, those who belong to MIB groups bet more often, place more bets, and place larger bets. Our comparison of the gambling behavior before and after exceeding limits found that exceeding the limits did not have a diminishing effect on gambling behavior.

The number of bets was the only measure of gambling behavior that evidenced a minor decrease after exceeding limits. This decrease was offset by a steep increase in the size of bets after exceeding limits. The number of days of play and the percentage of losses did not change. Thus, we found no indication that receiving the limit notification message influences users to curtail their betting activity.

Rather, the findings suggest that exceeding deposit limits encourages players to shift their strategy; they begin to make more calculated, informed risks with single large bets compared to before exceeding the deposit limit.

The finding that the feedback about a violation of a policy or regulation does not have the intended harm-reducing effect is a finding consistent with other evidence about regulating behavior. For example, people who were given feedback that their blood alcohol levels exceeded legal drink-drive limits have been nonetheless subsequently observed to drive [ 18 — 20 ].

Drivers who received speeding tickets have been shown to be at increased risk of receiving subsequent speeding tickets [ 21 ]. Likewise, smokers who were given biomedical feedback indicating negative effects of smoking did not initiate appreciable changes towards quitting smoking [ 22 ].

No differences emerged in the patterns of results for fixed-odds and live-action betting. Fixed-odds and live-action propositions might differ in the extent of skill required to place successful i. Whereas placing a successful bet in fixed-odds might be determined more by skill or knowledge than by chance, placing a successful bet in live-action likely is determined more by chance than by skill.

Thus, we could have expected our findings to mirror the differing outcomes of games of skill versus games of chance. Our findings instead show that, with regard to evaluating the risk of disordered gambling among people who exceed deposit limits, distinguishing fixed-odds from live-action betting does not provide additional information.

Our study examines conceptually different deposit limits. Some limits are mandatory and imposed by bwin : the default limits of Euros per 24 hours or Euros per 30 days, and the increase of the default limits by the amount of winnings. The users voluntarily impose other limits: restrictions to a lower amount than the default limits, or exemption from default limits for users with exceptional financial means.

When exploring the effects of exceeding deposit limits, we combined the different deposit limits. Although different deposit limits are examined in this study, an essential similarity of all deposit limits is that they represent specific, predetermined maximum values that certain users are not willing to or are not able to comply with.

To this extend, the current study investigates effects of exceeding pre-set deposit limits. We can posit that different types of limits might be associated with different effects on gambling behavior. Therefore, an analysis differentiating the types of limits would have been desirable.

Unfortunately, no information was available about the type of limit that led to issuing a notification message; thus this analysis was not an option for this paper. It is important to note that the procedures of limiting deposits and sending notification messages were not in effect during the entire two-year study period.

We performed some statistical controls in our analyses to account for this fact, and the overall results remained largely unchanged. Thus, we consider our findings to reflect generalizable effects of deposit limits on Internet sports gambling behavior.

The deposit limits examined in this study are part of the corporate social responsibility agenda of bwin. This harm reduction practice is consistent with recommendations to integrate safety features for the prevention of disordered gambling into gambling websites [ 16 ].

This study indicates that current deposit limits affect only a very small minority of Internet sports bettors. The vast majority of Internet bettors seem to be able to regulate themselves and require little additional safeguards; however, some bettors can benefit from additional limits.

Consequently, for Internet gambling operators reluctant to include harm reduction measures, an interesting message is that a company's financial loss due to imposing such safeguards such as deposit limits will be rather small and balanced by the promoting effect of being regarded as a socially responsible company.

In this study, we saw that the mandatory limits exceed what most people are willing to spend on Internet gambling activities. However, the mandatory limits also exceed what most people could possibly spend without taking substantial financial risks.

Thus, while the current mandatory limits might help prevent the loss of extremely large amounts of money and cases of bankruptcy, these limits still allow users to transfer substantial amounts of money each day and each month, which can lead to financial problems for gamblers without sufficient financial means.

For these cases, instead of the company-imposed limits, the self-imposed limits might have value. These people constitute a group of bettors who appear to be willing to take high risks; yet, surprisingly, they appear to do this rather successfully because their percentage of losses but not their net loss is lower than others in the sample.

Without deposit limits, the behavioral and financial consequences of gambling might be even more adverse. These unintended consequences of Internet gambling indicate that the bwin deposit limits could aid in the prevention of adverse gambling-related consequences.

More research is necessary to determine the extent of this influence and to monitor and revise such notification systems so that the promise of limits can be optimized.

For example, recent research suggests that gambling activity, or behavioral engagement in gambling, might be as important to consider as financial considerations [ 23 ]. Such findings suggest that corporations need not limit harm reduction techniques to financially-related factors.

Rather, techniques that account for temporally-related factors e. Online gambling companies would benefit from testing the harm reduction value of warning systems for amount of time spent gambling.

In this study, we examined deposit limits as a single harm reduction measure of a single Internet gambling provider. Unfortunately, users can sidestep such single safeguards easily; another Internet gambling provider is just a mouse-click away. To implement effective safeguards, concerted harm reduction efforts of companies, users, public health organs, and others are necessary.

Ways of achieving this goal might include the development of policy requiring safety provisions as a prerequisite for licensing providers, or having companies cooperate to employ software programs and technology tools to regulate user gambling.

The findings of this study originate from actual gambling behavior and betting activity, without any direct contact with individual gamblers. A previous study analyzing Internet sports betting behavior in this manner indicated that, at the population level, gambling activity is moderate, as evidenced by analyses of time e.

Future research needs to investigate how these findings compare with subjective assessments of perceptions and behaviors by the individual. If additional research supports the findings of this study, technology-based screening tools for gambling-related problems could incorporate the attempt to deposit more than the allowed amount of money as an early indicator of a person's vulnerability to disordered gambling.

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